Friday, April 29, 2011

an 'educated' dentist.

Nah..G0o0o0oD luck semuuuaa!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Cycle of Flossing

The Cycle of Flossing

Dear dentists-to-be,
Have you practice flossing every day?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

second exam

materials to be covered.second exam


#9 pulmonary system
#10 pulmonary pathophysio
#11 & 12 pneumonia+TB
#13 digestive system
#14 disorder of GIT
#15 disorder of GIT II
#16 endocrine pancrease
#17 disorder of thyroid
#18 adrenal cortex


#2 deep face,infratemporal fossa
#3 nose
#4 pterygopalatine fossa
#5 oral cavity
#6 larynx
#7 larynx II & trachea
#8 pharynx
#9 eye


#10&11 antimicrob agent + resistance
#12 normal flora
#13 epidemiology + public health
#14&15 microbe pathogenesis + virulence
#16 nosocomial infection + healthcare epidemiology
#17 specimen + handling microbe lab

*ini jasa si dia . " dah lupa pasword blog dentist -.-' " katanya
*study well and perform well in your exam guys.the best of luck dentjust09!

Baburu Boburu

Friday, April 8, 2011

exam dah habis, next?

fuhh Alhamdulillah. budak gigi tahun 2 baru sahaja habis first exam dan mid exam. cahaya keseronokan nampak terpancar pancar dari muka semua. Alhamdulillah. semoga gap seminggu sebelum 2nd exam bermula dapat digunakan dengan sebaiknya. ye, gap seminggu je. jangan nak suka lama lama sangat ye? :)

ok lari tajuk, ESOK malam semua kita semua ada temujanji,


Professor Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim  Abu Hassan

Butiran :
MASA : 7.35 pm - 10.00 pm
TEMPAT : MUJAMMA' NAQABAT (berdekatan dengan restoran McDonald)

Tentatif : 
7.35 pm : Ketibaan para pelajar dan VIP
7.45 pm : Majlis bermula
7.50 pm : Ucapan daripada Presiden PERMAI
7.55 pm : Sesi  bersama Dean of Dentistry bermula
9.30 pm : Slot Q & A
10.00 pm : Penutup

bangga menjadi pelajar dentist? buktikan dengan kehadiran anda! bila lagi nak beramah mesra dengan semua budak budak gigi kan?
P/S: kalau budak bukan gigi nak datang pon, boleeehhhh! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Semester Akhir Usia (adaptasi Bumi Akhir Usia-Mirwana)

Berikut adalah senarai tarikh peperiksaan akhir bagi semester II bagi Tahun Dua Pergigian :

19 05 2011 - تشريح الأسنان و الأطباق
21 05 2011 - احياء دقيقه عامه
23 05 2011 - فسيولوجيا الامراض
28 05 2011 - فسيولوجيا الفم
29 05 2011 - تشريح الرأس و العنق
30 05 2011 - تسوس الاسنان
01 06 2011 - علم نسج الفم

Nah. faham ke tidak bahasa arab tu? Belajar lah faham-faham kan. Sekarang dah Tahun Dua, sekejap lagi Tahun Tiga. Lepas tu, dah Tahun Empat. Bahasa Arab tak berkembang-kembang lagi.

Selamat menjadikan niat dalam hati ikhlas semasa belajar. Peperiksaan untuk belajar, bukan belajar untuk peperiksaan. 

Dear Tech Support..



Dear Tech Support,
3 years ago, I upgraded my system from Buddy 5.0 to Brotherhood 1.0. However, recently I noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance particularly in Sharing and Bonding applications, which operated flawlessly under Buddy 5.0.
Most of the applications under Brotherhood 1.0 package are not functioning properly such as Sacrifice plug-in,Joy Driver v3.0, Concern toolbars or its best application, Itsar v2.0.
At the same time it installed lots of undesirable programs and applications such as Mazmumah v7.0,iLazy v3.0, Wahan toolbars, Backbiting v4.1 and sometimes automatically downloading some virus/malware when connected to internet like Ignorance.exe and Satan bug that are too resistant against my anti-virus/malware.
The virus/malware will disable Communication toolbars and infecting the Heart disk.  In addition, Games installation, USB External Pressure and Hatred v5.0 are simply crash the system.
Besides that, Prejudice notification always appears in my desktop screen while LoveActivator.exe cannot be traced anymore in the Task Manager.
Please note that I have tried running reliable software such as Circle v1.1 and iMotivator to fix these problems, but to no avail.
What should I do?  How can I improve its performance?
Please help me. Many thanks.
Kind regards,
Sent from my Samsung Galaxy

Dear Optimus,
Thank you for contacting us. We are more than happy to assist you.
First, please keep in mind that Buddy 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Brotherhood 1.0 is an Operating System, OS. Thus, some software or drivers in Buddy 5.0 are not compatible for Brotherhood 1.0.
For your information, this Brotherhood 1.0 is the best in the world although it is quite complex compare to other relationship systems.
After referred your case to our System Engineers and ‘Universal’ Manual Guideline book,
We highly recommend you to follow these steps below:
  1. Please download and install HeartCleaner software to clear all negative caches in your Heart Disk and memory system. You must be able to clear it before proceed to the next step.
  2. Then please enter script command: “ilovemybrothersandsisters.html” in the command centre.  If you wrote it correctly, LoveActivator.exe will be activated automatically in the Task Manager.
  3. Next, try to download Sweet Nostalgia Recovery driver and do not forget to update Brotherhood Good Deeds in your memory processor every day.
  4. We strongly recommend you to update or install better anti-virus/malware software for your system protection such as Quran Explorer or iZikr or Circle 2.0.
  5. After that, create Halaqah folder in your Heart disk and fill it with Sharing and Bonding applications.
  6. Lastly, install Reflection Explorer to assess your system performance.
If those steps work as designed, the Brotherhood 1.0 should then reboot automatically for few days and back to its top performance after that. Afterwards, Unity Folder will appear in your desktop interface if your system is fixed and operating well.
However, please make sure that Wahan Toolbar is deactivated as it is harmful for your system and its effects are almost similar to Alcohol 120% Burner application. To deactivate the toolbar, we recommend you to download Death Reminder driver from our website.
Whatever you do, do not under any circumstances to uninstall Brotherhood 1.0 or replace it with other profitable system because it will crash your system or slow down its performance.
Finally, you might consider downloading Briefing of Universal Manual Guideline videos by our System Engineer for better understanding in our website.
If those recommendations are not working, we advise you to send your computer to nearest computer workshop immediately to be repaired by an expert System Engineer.
Good Luck!

Tech Support team

*** i read this creative article here