Monday, May 24, 2010

betul ke dah bersedia ni?


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

are you a time-sucker or time fighter?

bismillah alRahman alRaheem

time...what do you think about it? dont you realise you're doing one of the most wasting-time activity right now? ^^ so would you like to stop scroll it down or not? who knows, what you will find down there?

have you ever make ur own time line or you think you could get all that in your mind?  most of us thought that they could manage their time wisely but when they jot down what they've been doing through out their week, they found that they're inorganized.

so, maybe you should do these check list to make sure are you well-organized or not through out your goal?

Set Long Term Goals - Turn dreams into reality by allowing yourself to craft a vision for your future. Aim high. Post your goals a visible place to stay motivated.

Determine Priorities - Use your long term goals to create concrete, short-range actions that will take you in the direction you wish. Rank those steps so that you can work on the most important items first.

Pose an Essential Question - Continually ask yourself "What is the best use of my time right now?" If it is not important, or urgent, don't do it.

Tackle the Worse First - To craft an effective life, begin each day working on whatever makes you the most anxious. Once you've confronted the most difficult work, subsequent activities will seem easy.

Think Ahead - Planning time is never wasted time. Reserve regular weekly periods for assessing both short- and long-term goals. Schedule time each day to work on your top priorities. Review how the previous week went and see what you need to change in order to be more effective.

Postpone Minor Tasks- Resist the temptation to clear up small "to do" items first. Start with top priorities. The quick things can wait until you take a break.

Write Down Results - If huge "To Do" lists make you feel overwhelmed, try writing "Did Do" lists at the end of each day. Keeping track of your accomplishments may help you stay motivated.

Reserve Your Prime Time - Allocate your most alert times of the day for the most challenging tasks. Carve out, and cherish that time.

Pick Your Bird - Are you a wren or an owl? Most of us are at our intellectual best in the morning. Starting the day with a period of productivity also helps us feel good about ourselves for the rest of the day. However, a few of us are true "night-owls" who are most productive late in the evening when distractions subside. Use your prime time wisely.

Practice Telling Time - Estimate before starting and then record how long it takes to complete a task. Note when you tend to underestimate or overestimate the amount of time activities will take. When you can predict how long it will take you to accomplish something, you can schedule it accurately.

Use Little Bits of Time - Keep a list of small "To Do" items for gaps between appointments. Always have an article to read for times when you are standing in line, on a bus, or waiting for an event to begin.

Enjoy Your Free Time - To stay productive you must take breaks. Schedule time for rejuvenation.


well, those are just a simple tips that i found enjoy to be shared together...hopefully it is benefit to all of us since we know those who didnt find good time are those who are fail.

till then, spread your love through smile and touch.