Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tonight : Korea vs Argentina

bismillah alRahman alRaheem

6 tools for holiday :

1. opened mind

a holiday doesn't mean a time to replace hours of sleep. get up! see the shining sun every morning and stop being stereotype with your life!

study-lecture-revise-exam-replace your sleep time-and the cycle restart again and again.

come on! we're not living here to make the best in our exam but through out our life!

2. bright smiles

how you begin, then it'll affect your end.

smile every morning and you'll be enlighted through out of the day. cheers!

3. bright plan

make a plan and stop wasting your time! you're getting older every second so please dont make yourself regret what you had on your early days.

4. widen your view

you'll add more pages to your album sheet as you travel more!'

5. nice packing

then you should manage your bag=pack wisely. know where you're going this holiday and make sure you bring good tools that make you survive through out your journey.
the shiny sun make you sweat along the day so make sure you know how to deal with it! dont forget the passport and residency card too.

6. altogether peers!                                                                                  
make this holiday as something special with your friends. as i looked into my father's album during his campus life, it was a nice memory that slip in your mind forever. on the other day, you cant have it altogether in the same way as today. so appreciate it!

hopefully it is helping. any ideas? just jot it down!


Anonymous said...

peh, tajuk memang 'rare'.

terbaik ah!


W M Najib said...
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W M Najib said...

iman yang teguh!

Akhyar said...

sukaa giler tajuk dia.

furqon said...

tajuk sgt menarik .....

ara said...


shena said...

gambarnye comellllll amat!

nur said...

suka tajuk dy !