Tuesday, January 12, 2010

no 14: so, have you make up your mind to which dentist you are?

now i would like to bring you all to dream of being a dentist. as an introduction, let's take a look on some terms that may sound awkward as some of us are not exposed to them, [yeah..it goes the same on me. dont worry]. After reading this, fill in the blank in this question;

"I want to be ____________________________"

General dentists

  • The general dentist is the person we usually refer to as "the dentist".
    • Patients should visit the dentist every six months for a dental check-up, which may include routine dental x-rays and a scale and polish treatment.
    • Some dentists employ dental hygienists for the cleaning, scaling and polishing of teeth. Others perform this procedure themselves.
    • Dentists are qualified to diagnose dental problems and treat patients of all ages.
    • If necessary these will be referred to a specialist dentist.

Specialist dentists

  • In addition to their basic dental training, specialist dentists have to complete at least another two years of training.

  • Endodontists
    • Endodontists are specialists who treat the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth.

  • Oral and maxillo-facial surgeons
    These specialists deal with difficult extractions, such as the removal of 
    impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Orthodontists
    Orthodontists straighten teeth and correct the alignment of teeth and jaws.

  • Paedodontists
  • These are paediatric dentists that specialise in the treatment of children.

  • Periodontists
    Periodontists are dentists who specialise in diagnosing and treating conditions of the gums, bone and other tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth.

  • Prosthodontists
    Prosthodontists are dentists who specialise in the repair or replacement of worn, broken or missing teeth.

Start with the end in mind.
Obviously, this statement had been proven by our own religion, Islam. Allah had taught us to act in today's reality based on how we want to be in our next life, on what condition do we want to be raised up in. He provided target of the highest heaven for us, so that we could strive hardest and the 'very bestest' to achieve it.

The same principle applies to our life.

Don't know which job suites you? Go and find yourselves!
من عرف نفسه عرف ربه :)

p/s ; it's not that bad to be a dentist, right? dont you want to treat this makcik?


Anonymous said...

rase2 cm nk jd orthodontists..hope dpt la insyaAllah=)
kne usehe gigih lg nih..hua3..

adaliaain_perali said...

nk jd orthodontist jugek..tp prosthodontists pon cm besh gak..ish..ne satu nk nih..
erm..xpe la..tyme prktikal nnt bru tetpkn bole x..huhu..

kegirangan said...
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hara said...

dental forensic xde ker?

admin said...

good start!

[adalia ain];
kena buat solat istikharah tu klu keliru..hehe.

yes indeed. based on what i've searched :-

"Forensic dentistry, also known as forensic odontology, is a subspecialty within the dental field which focuses on the application of dental knowledge and practice to legal matters.."

you may read more at link below :-


Anonymous said...

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