Monday, January 18, 2010

no 15: i'll give you the reasons.


sebelum mula, siapa-siapa yang tak suka baca bahasa inggeris tu..harap-harap kali ni bagi peluang untuk baca pos ni dalam bahasa inggeris, dan cuba fahamkan dengan hati :)
kan ini kisah kita semua?


so, soon after you graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology as a successful dentist, do you know that you will have to be registered under an association in Malaysia to become a 'truly dentist'?

Just like medical students, they will have to register to Malaysian Medical Association before being a medical officer, so do us but in another special association called Malaysian Dental Association [ MDA ].

Please have a quick review about this organization by clicking  this  .

Do you want to know some good news regarding our future fate of being dentists in Malaysia?
Now, just go through this post and read it till the last word as I will tell you the benefits :

1. There are a lot of percentages of total citizens in Malaysia that still dont really aware of their teeth health. So, we'll have a big number of patients as soon as we become a dentist, with a condition, Malaysians must get  exposed to dental care. News about our beloved nation can be reached here .

2. Consecutively, as not many Malaysians have the knowledges of how to take good care of their teeth, with the portion of only 6% out of 2.8million people in Malaysia. again....we are the very very very very important persons here, that should come and serve the community. Giving them informations and knowledges. dont you feel sinful if you dont do your responsibilities to the nation ?

3.  Money is ain't the problem for if we have many patients.  heh. Eye-ing on Malaysia's economical condition that could become even worse, I'm wholeheartedly sure that this job will provide us money-worries-life and thus, we can help much much more needy peoples out there i.e our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

4. We shouldnt be stressed any longer to find job vacancies nor to waste time to be unemployed right after graduate, because this is what had been promised by our Ministry of Health based on his plans to open the market of dental fields ;

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that Malaysia plans to learn from China's experience in increasing its number of dentists and will also explore its wide range of dental related fields....

or, you may read this link for more infos. Please, dont just neglect current issues.

5. If you could observe well and make some studies, you will find that there is not much Muslim Malay people who are in specialists dental field. so, here are the vacancies for us to be filled. so, let's prepare ourselves to be a good muslim above all, then with that sense we'll raise up our nation particularly the Malays that always people looked down onto.

6. Personally, I do really feel that there is no other reason than what Allah had given us, is always the best to ourselves.. the matter is we just have to give some spaces to dentistry to get to know us, or vice versa. Dentistry is not a low profession, right? so, are you still ashamed of being a dentist? I'm not. instead, i'm proud to be one of dental students.

so, that's all. who want to join me to fall in love to what we are studying currently?
wallahu a'lam. any flaws on the facts or english grammar, you may reply me. 

thanks for reading.

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faiq zaini said...

money is aint everything.. haha..

semoga menjadi dentist y tbaek..
hope people lg peka pasal ksihatan gigi..