Tuesday, January 19, 2010

no 16:trickle,trickle...

bismillah alRahman alRahim

again, we're in the gigi&gusi talkshow. since i was not posting for a long time, now, my enthusiastism to write is coming back.

i've met many dentist in my life, and i think it is the same with u. the 1st was when my mom brought me to pulled out my moving tooth, it was frightening at first but then, i felt nothing (relieved). the 2nd one was when i fell down during playing a game in school activity.i fell down into a narrow yet deep drain, my head turned fizzy and trickle of blood was flowing down from my mouth, and i cried. when my mom knew my condition, she brought me to the dentist again. the rest was annual meeting with dentist which we done as a routine. sometimes, i need to do scaling and sometimes the dentist was praising my healthy teeth, yet they're not in a line...:-P.

allright, just get to the point. the latest meeting with dentist is at here, in Jordan, or in Irbid specifically. i was very suprised to see unawared dentist, without wearing gloves and experienced attendence, they do their work so recklessly. i was saying 'what on earth the dentists are?'. could u imagine they do the scaling without hand me in a saliva-sucker-pipe, do the Root Canal Treatment without asking me first (and i realised it when i felt one of my teeth was holed) and persuade people to make braces with them in unprofessional way. oh come one! is this a graduated dentist? it was very freaky (n those who accompanied me understand 'bout it) everytime i ran into the clinic for an appointment with them. as a patient, would u like to be treated like that?

i'm sure the answer is NO!

as a dentist, would u like to see ur patient run away from u before the treatment is finished?

and again, i'm sure u would say NO!

it is a nightmare yet a new experience...and a lesson for me, for u & for us...
please think this carefully...what type of dentist u would be? and create the image that u want, and discover what are present on the image. then, rethink again, would the image come out like that just by a blink of eye or a flick of fingers?

NO! right?

so what?

no pizza will become soft if it is not being punched-pulled first. and punch-pull skill would not come from the first try, it need practice. a continuous practice.

so do u think u will suddenly pop out just like a very kind dentist if u kick cats along ur way home everyday?

NO!right?   so what?(again)

what i want to press here, let we become ourselves. let we become kind in natural way, let practice to be kind, soft, gentle yet skillful in our work from now on.

how? u know it better.

practice:speak gently to others-greet warmly-observe carefully-study with focus-sensible toward others-and anything that u would like to add...

yet, this is written by u-know-who

i write,u read,we practice and make it real~together we go through(inshaAllah!)


B for belle said...

yet, this is written by i-dont-know-who-you-are .

ngeh3. sape ni?

hara said...

aaa....lawaklaaa k.bie..kte dah ltak tag tapi nape xkluar..ish..3x.sape lgi dentist yg slalu jumpe dentist baru2 nie...u-know-who

shena said...

uhh,,spe yg ajen ngat g jupe dent bru2 niy ea..either nuha or kauthar..
speak 4 urself plez,,huhu

farah said...

cik kauter yg tulis nie~